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History: Volume 3

 Part 1

For 34 high school students of Ste Rose du Lac and neighboring communities, their 1971 Opportunities for Youth project will always have a special meaning. As the years passed, no doubt some of them will move away from their home community: in which event they will have a common purpose in planning reunion get-togethers -- preferably at Dollard Park, the scene of their joint efforts for ten weeks of this summer.

Operation Dollard Park can be described as the most unique of six Opportunities for youth programs carried out in the Parkland Region. Unique not only for the ambitious scope of the community improvement undertaking, but also for the imagination and initiative shown by the students in raising funds to buy materials and in designing buildings, bridges, roadways and footpaths in the park and trailer camp areas that have become a real source of community pride.

When the Federal Government's Program was announced last spring, the Ste Rose Parks Board, with three members each from the Camber of Commerce and the Knights of Columbus, responded to the suggestion from the Parkland Regional Development Corporation to submit a local parks project to Secretary of State Gerard Pelletier. A planning meeting brought out representatives from the high school students' council, the village and rural councils and other interested citizens.

The application was drafted and submitted, on the basis of a survey made of the Park and river potential for development. On May 13 a telegram from the Secretary of States conveyed the welcome news that a $20,037 grant had been approved to cover wages for the proposed crew of young workers.

The challenge of ""making good"" was naturally the theme of pep talks that went along with initial counseling from the senior advisory group. Within a matter of weeks it was obvious that the message was loud and clear to the students as they were hired and organized by Dennis Pinette and Gilbert Desroches, students council leaders, both in grade 12.

All grade 12 and 11 students wanting employment -- from Ste Rose, Ste Amelie and Laurier districts -- were given preference in the hiring procedure, with some grade 10 students also getting on the payroll. The project provided 27 full time jobs and all told 34 students, 6 of them girls, participated in the workforce during July and August. University student Buckman Yee was chosen by the students to act as their foreman.

Preliminary planning required a good share of involvement on the part of the Parks Board committee of Marcel Saquet, chairman, John Volc, Walter Worrall, Albert Normandeau, John Roche, Stan Bourbonniere and Rev Doug Graves, as well as the Village and Rural Councils which agreed to assist the project with grants of $500 each, the Parkland Regional Developers who produced a working map to guide the youth group, and the Provincial Government which took charge of dredging the Turtle River channel to feasible the creation of a marina setup for boats to travel right from the doorstep of Ste Rose north into Lake Dauphin, some 10 miles distances by this waterway.

Adult support was also forthcoming when the students initiated an advertising campaign which took the form of a four - sided ""billboard"" erected in the center of the playground car lot. No less than 42 businesses bought space on this colorfully painted directory, which stands 14 feet high.

The parishioners of Ste Rose de Lima Catholic Church and Joseph Maillard entered the project picture in a substantial way, by making their landholdings available for permanent beautification and development. And it can be appreciated that parents and neighbors of the students found their tool sheds and kits depleted of everything from rakes and shovels to hammers and saws for the best part of the summer.

Purchasing of two used one-ton trucks to haul gravel and rocks, for ""next to nothing"", plus locating four wheelbarrows to borrow, was all in the line of business experiences for the young people. Setting up payroll sheets, assigning work duties -- and handling a concession venture for chocolate bar and soft drink sales among their own group -- were among other administrative details. Small wonder Denis Pinette and Gilbert Desroches are enrolled in business administration and commercial courses at the University of Manitoba!

The work gangs were all set to go after the July 1st weekend. The story of their efforts -- leaving to the imagination the aching muscles and tired backs that were part and parcel of Operation Dollard Park the first week or so can be summed up this way.

Man-hours of labor, up to the close of the employment programs Sept. 15, totaled 11,460 at the government set rate of $1.75 an hour.

In addition to the Federal Grant of $20,037 for wages, $2,500 was raised and spent for materials such as lumber, paint, cement and for truck operations.

About 1,000 yards of gravel, soil and rocks were moved with the trucks from gravel pits and farms throughout the district, with the wheelbarrows used to handle the on the spot moving.

Hundreds of posts, from poplar trees cut down, were peeled, treated and painted to serve as markers for the roadways, parking lots and trailer lots.

Two footpath bridges over a small creek were designed and built by the boys, and old railway ties were used to build a bridge for vehicles entering the trailer camp.

A large cookhouse in the trailer camp rates top marks for the engineering ability and ingenuity used by the builders. Claude Roche added the piece de resistance with his wall size painting of the grotto.

Space for 14 trailers is provided in an area that only months ago was so sense with poplars, maples and willows it was almost impossible to walk through. Barbecue pits, picnic tables and sand pits for youngsters are included in the facilities, which are located at the south side of the park. Footpaths led through the treed area to the river.

A tourist information building, swings and monkey bars are in the central playground area.

To the north, near the Ste Rose de Lima Church which was built in 1960, is the site of the most unique feature of the project: a marina which will eventually lead into a small lake with beach facilities. A drag line was needed to get this project underway, and the complete boat-docking facilities are still in the plans for future development.

A natural outdoor theatre is another project for the future, having been discovered as a potential by accident, thanks to an over enthusiastic bush clearing bee in the woods to the south of the grotto.

The work program for 1971 is over now, but that doesn't stop the students from heading for the various sites and discuss plans for further improvements. Obviously, they are hoping that they will have the opportunity to get on with the job next summer.


Part 2: 

Dollard Park Named After French - Canadian Hero.

Dollard Park, which takes in more than six acres of land bordered on the west by the Turtle River,is fronted by Provincial Road 476 as it enters the Village of Ste Rose du Lac. Tourist conscious Chamber of Commerce members point out that the location has a special feature for visitors, in being within a five minute walk of all the business and community facilities.

A portion of the land was used as a church picnic grounds for years, and the most developed area since the late 1950's is in the vicinity of an impressive grotto structure built adjacent to the treed setting along the river. The grotto is a miniature replica of the Lourdes Grotto, famous for centuries as marking where the apparition of the Blessed Virgin appeared before three little children.

The name Dollard was given the Park many years ago, old timers of the Ste Rose Community say, as an historical tribute to the French Canadian hero Adam Dollard, who sacrificed his life in 1660 in a battle against the Iroquois at the Long Sault Rapids on the Ottawa River.

A heroic fight which lasted a week against hundreds of the would be conquerors, and which cost the lives of Dollard and sixteen young companions, is credited with saving the colony towns of Montreal, Quebec and Trois Rivierres.

Part 3

Village of Ste Rose du Lac

In 1920 due to the growth of the Village of Ste Rose and the numerous concerns of the inhabitants, it was deemed necessary to establish a council and proclaim Ste Rose a Village. On August 11, 1920 Mr. D Tremaudin was appointed to make an assessment of the Village of Ste Rose according to the rules of the Tax Commission of Manitoba and this assessment be presented to the Council on or before but not later than the 1st of November 1920. His salary was to be $200.

Over the years, animals running at large in the Village were a concern and at many meetings these concerns were expressed for example on July 15, 1920: By-Law 1: was that animals not to be able to run at large in the Village and Mr. Alfred Normand was named as dog-catcher with Mr. Eugene Montsion as pound keeper.

June 12, 1923:
The secretary was instructed to write to Mr. Bourbonniere, allowing him 48 hours to remove his pig-pen, from where it is at present as it is a public nuisance. Judicial proceedings will be initiated against him if this is not done.
May 7th, 1946:
The Council decides that no persons shall keep bees within the limits of this Village.
August 11, 1953:
The Council instructs the secretary treasurer to write to Mr. Jules Feuillatre and notify him to dispose of his chickens as complaints have been received from many people.
August 1, 1978:
The Veterinarian accepted to become the pound keeper. He also redrafted the by-law and presented copies of Dog by-laws of other communities. The fees charged by the Vet. When a dog has been picked up could run as high as $50. If the dog has to be kept 72 hours. And so it goes for animal problems in our Village as new and old problems seem to crop up as the years go by.
June 20, 1922:
Mrs Marie Delveaux applied for a license for a boarding house. It was recommended.
Councilors and Mayor were getting $2 per meeting.
May 1923:
A by-law to exempt from taxation the convent to be built by the Notre Dame des Missions for a period of 99 years.

Other by-laws and resolutions by the Village Council were as follows:
  • Feb. 24 1922:
    Bought the old chemical fire engine from St Boniface Council with 150 ft. of hose, a sleigh and wagon for $200.
  • Dec 1924:
    That all the stationary of the Village Corporation be printed in the two languages.
  • Jan 5 1926:
    That Dr Gosselin receive the sum of $15 for the year of 1926.
  • Oct 24 1927:
    That the Council of Village of S.R.D.L. wish to sincerely thank his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales for the peonies sent in his name in commemoration of his visit to Canada in the Diamond Jubilee.
  • Sept 2 1930:
    That Dr Gendreau be appointed his license as Health Officer for the remainder of the year.
  • Nov 1 1933:
    That a by-law be passed to regulate the time after sunset after which children shall not be in the streets without proper guardianship and the age under which they shall be required to be in their homes be appointed.
  • Jan 2 1935:
    That the Council of the Village authorizes the secretary treasurer to inform the Minister of Dept. of Health that they are in favor of erecting a hospital in the Village of Ste Rose. Carried.
  • May 7 1935:
    This Council decides to notify Mr. Louis Molgat that he should discontinue burning or throwing rubbish on the streets. Carried.
  • May 4 1937:
    That this Council decides to allow a grant of $500 towards the erection of a General Hospital at Ste Rose.
  • May 4 1937:
    That this Council decides to add six street lights of 100 watts in the event a hospital is built in Ste Rose.
  • Dec 7 1937:
    That this Council decides to respectfully request the Provincial Government of Manitoba that they keep the Highway from Neepawa to Dauphin open all winter and that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to Dane McCarthy MLA.
  • Nov 8 1938:
    That the Council grant $25 to contribute towards a skating rink in the Village providing that a responsible committee is formed and that all monies be deposited in the Bank and that all payments be made by cheque.
  • Jan 3 1939:
    That the Council decides to re-appoint F. Guyot as Constable providing that he keeps better order than in the past and that he does not wait too long before interfering.
  • Mar 7 1939:
    That the Council decides to recommend the decision taken by the Chamber of Commerce to have a Liquor Store in the Village of Ste Rose. This Council asks Mr. McCarthy to use all his influence in this connection.
  • June 4 1940:
    This Council decides to grant permission to the Belgian Club to open a branch in the Village of Ste Rose du Lac.
  • Dec 3 1940:
    That the Council decides to thank Mr. Dane McCarthy for his efforts towards the Improvement made on the Main Street in the Village.
  • May 13 1941:
    That the Council has agreed with all owners of gasoline pumps and all sign owners that the above will have to take out insurance in order to protect the Village of Ste Rose against accidents or pursuits.
  • June 3 1941:
    This Council decides to invest the sum of $600 in 1941 Victory Loan and hereby instruct the secretary to communicate with the Municipal Commissioner in this regard.
  • Dec 12 1944:
    That whereas the Dominion Government at the last session of Parliament placed the sole responsibility on the Provincial Governments of filing liens on old age and blind pensioners properties and exempt such properties up to the value of $2000 from such liens; and whereas the practice of filing such liens up to the present time has been a grave source of worry. It is thereby resolved by the Council of the Village of Ste Rose du Lac that the Manitoba Government take steps forthwith to cancel all liens now filed on these pensioners properties up to the value of $2000 and to cease filing such liens.
  • Aug 1942:
    That the Council decides to stop all bicycles from riding on sidewalks and also to have 4 signs made re: the above.
  • Sept 4 1946:
    That the Council of the Village of Ste Rose du Lac are very happy in extending their sincere congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Gedeon Adam on their 60th Wedding Anniversary.
  • June 1 1948:
    This Council decides to have the Government Snow Plow to keep the road to the hospital open when necessary, providing the plow is available.
  • Feb 1950:
    This Council decides to present retiring Mayor Duhard with an easy chair and a box of cigars to retiring councilor Lionel Pinette.
  • April 4 1950:
    That this Council instruct the Secretary Treasurer to write Mr. Romain Guyot to remove machinery which is now parked on the right of way and sidewalk.
  • August 7 1951:
    That this Council instruct the Sec. Treas. to write to the Minister of Telephone, Hon. W. Morton, advising him that a strong delegation was present at the Council Meeting asking for a 24 hour telephone service.
  • Sept 15 1953: Special Meeting:
    That this Council decides to purchase from Casimir Ferrand the East end of the property on Part 9-24-15W 1st size 230 by 346 feet for the sum of $800 in cash said property to be used as a Community Centre Site.
  • April 9 1958:
    This Council decides to advise Lion's Cafe to clean up the back yard and to stop burning garbage in the open, to pile the garbage in a neat pile and cans to be enclosed in containers ready to be picked up. Also to have a barrel or other convenient container to burn all materials that can easily be burned.
  • June 7 1960:
    That a by-law of the Village of Ste Rose du Lac to provide for the establishment of a Regional Library in conjunction with the RM of Ste Rose, the said Library to be established in the Village of Ste Rose, with branches at Ste Amelie and Laurier in the Municipality of Ste Rose.
  • June 7 1960:
    That a by-law of the Village of Ste Rose du Lac to authorize the sale of part L. S 8 section 8-24-15W 1st to Roman Catholic Archiepiscopal Corp. of Winnipeg for the sum of $100 (for the purpose of building a new church).
  • Sept 11 1961:
    The Council authorizes the Secretary Treasurer to write to the Manitoba Water and Supply Board to give this Council a report on a water supply for the Village at once, as Council is ready to go to the ratepayers with this question at the Fall Municipal Elections and possibly use this as a winter works project.
  • June 9 1963:
    This Council hereby instructs the Sec. Treas. to make application to the Federal Government for a loan under the Municipal Development and Loan Board to finance the cost of the proposed construction and installation of a water works and sewage system for the Village of Ste Rose du Lac at an estimated cost of $160,000.
  • August 6 1963:
    This Council decides to purchase from Peter Wilson Jr. 20 acres of land as a site for the lagoon, at a price of $50 an acre and an allowance of $30 an acre as a nuisance value, and then an initial payment of $500 be made and the balance payable on acquiring title to the property. This land being a 20 acre plot at the N.W. corner of Legal subdivision fifteen of sec. 9-24-15W1.
  • August 28 1963:
    That tender ""A "" for the construction and installation of sewer and water mains, submitted by Borger Bros. (1963) Ltd. at a price of $122,815 is hereby accepted and that the Mayor and Sec. Treas. be authorized to sign the necessary contact on behalf of the Village of Ste Rose du Lac.
  • Dec 3 1963:
    This Council decides to respectfully request the Manitoba Water Supply Board to start the water treatment plant immediately, so that the Village can avail themselves of water revenue as early as possible in 1964.
  • May 4 1965:
    That he Village of Ste rose select a project for Centennial Commemoration and authorize an application for financial assistance in the implementation thereof.
  • June 28 1966:
    The Council decides to sell to the trustees of Ste Rose United Church lot 13, plan 1563 for the sum of $225 with $25 cash and the balance within two years with no interest.
  • July 27 1966:
    The Council donated the sum of $25 to the International Peace Gardens Inc. to help in furnishing the ""Centennial Pavilion"".
  • Oct 25 1966:
    Thank you from the Council of the Village of Ste Rose du Lac to the Ste Rose du Lac Agricultural Society for the giving of part of their land to the Village for the Centennial Hall Project.
  • Oct 25 1966:
    Whereas the Province of Manitoba has an agreement to provide RCMP services to the rural areas of Manitoba: therefore be it resolved: 
    1. That we the Council of Ste Rose du Lac Village, on behalf of the residents who also pay Provincial and Federal Taxes, request the same Police protection for the Villages in Manitoba or at least a grant towards the salaries of Police Constables for Villages.

    2. That a copy of this resolution be mailed to the Minister of Municipal Affairs, and local MLA Gildas Molgat.
  • Jan 28 1967:
    Council decided to give $300 to the Centennial Committee to help pay expenses of the celebration on the occasion of the visit of the Centennial Caravan July 2, 1967.
  • May 30 1967:
    Council decides to establish price of $4 per thousand gallons of water for the Village residents and $5 per thousand gallons for non residents for water taken from the Water Treatment Plant, payment to be made to the Plant Foreman Lawrence Dame.
  • Feb 27 1968:
    The Council decides to approve plans for the new premises for the Royal Bank of Canada of Ste Rose du Lac.
  • June 26 1968:
    That a by-law of the Village of Ste Rose for the establishment of Community District in conjunction with the RM of Ste Rose and for the erection and maintenance of a Community Auditorium.
  • Nov 1 1968:
    This Council approves the construction of the Community Hall as soon as possible, and allows the borrowing of private money of an amount of $13,000 with tile floor or $16,000 with vinyl corlon floor, providing the Village solicitor gives the Council a letter to the effect that this action is legal. It is also understood that the Village does not assume any responsibility on the private borrowing.
  • Dec 18 1969:
    The Council of the Village of Ste Rose du Lac approved the intention of the Ste Rose Senior Citizen Home Committee to apply to the Province of Manitoba for the elderly, and inform person's housings grants.
  • July 26 1971:
    This Council respectfully requests the Provincial Government to grant a license for the construction of Private Nursing Home at Ste Rose as there is a great need for this type of health service in this area.
  • Sept 27 1971:
    This Council is prepared to take the building known as the Ste Rose Convent, situated on part N.W. 9-24-25 W/1st with frontage land, either from the Institute of Notre Dame des Missions or the Turtle River School Div. No. 32 as a gift under Section 197 (4) of the Municipal Act.
  • Nov 27 1972:
    That this Council in conjunction with the Alcare Retreat Committee apply for a grant under the Local Initiatives Program for the renovation of the former Ste Rose Academy Building, making it adaptable for an Alcoholic Rehabilitation Retreat, and Alcare Retreat Sponsors to be fully responsible and be the project management and financial control of this project with no financial obligation from the Village.
  • Jan 10 1973:
    This Council decides to grant to Jos and Armande Delveaux the sum of $900 each as a retirement gift, in appreciation of 40 years services rendered to a Community as Sec. Treas. and assistant Sec. Tres.
  • August 23 1973:
    That a by-law to amend by-law 484 of the Village of Ste Rose prohibiting the squealing of motors and tires be now read a first time.
  • April 9 1974:
    That this Council authorizes chairman, Gordon Bishop of waterworks to proceed with the necessary steps to dyke the western section of the Village in case of major flooding. (Agreed)
  • May 23 1974:
    That a by-law of the Village of Ste Rose to execute an agreement for the establishment of Veterinary Services District under the name of ""Westlake Veterinary Services District"" be now read for the first time.
  • Sept 30 1974:
    That this Council requests the Man Housing and Renewal Corp to construct 4-3 bedroom homes, 2-4 bedroom homes in the Village of Ste Rose as soon as possible.
  • Dec 16 1974:
    That the Council of the Village of Ste Rose support the resolution of Lake Dauphin Watershed Control Committee for the effective control of Lake Dauphin or by any means so as to protect the farmlands affected, as the welfare of our community depends largely on farming revenue.
  • Sept 2 1975:
    That the Village of Ste Rose purchase 17 acres of land @ $80.00 per acre from Harry Rank for use as disposal grounds and that payment be made in full upon receipt of title.
  • Sept 22 1975:
    Whereas the Village and Rural Municipality of Ste Rose were hit the hardest by the present flood and whereas the floods re-occur more and more frequently with ever increasing levels. That both Councils resolve to request a meeting with the Premier and his Staff of Experts for immediate action to prevent further flooding.
  • Sept 22 1975:
    That the present administration goes back to the survey believe to be done by the P.F.R.A. of the late 1940's and early 50's to take action on a Water Diversion West of Ste Rose to divert all drainage ditches from Riding Mountain National Park that drain into the Turtle River includes the Wilson, McKinnon, Scott, Anderson and Kergwenan Drains be taken on this request.
  • Sept 28 1976:
    That dyke be constructed to protect the Village from future flooding, agreed. Ring dyking on west side of river was also mentioned.
  • May 6 1977:
    That the Village of Ste Rose goes on record of supporting the concept of Cable TV for the Village.
  • Dec 5 1977:
    Adam: Delaurier----Be it resolved that the Council of the Village of Ste Rose du Lac record its support of a Hospital based Ambulance Service at Ste Rose du Lac to service an area comprising of interested LGD Municipalities, Towns and Villages.
    Be it further resolved that we turn over the Provincial Ambulance Assistance grants of 1978 to the Ambulance Service Committee in care of Ste Rose General Hospital and that we contribute on a per capita basis should any deficit occur on the operation of the said Ambulance Service.
  • Feb 6 1978:
    Whereas the Turtle River Watershed has done various projects which has complicated the flooding threat to the Village of Ste Rose and; whereas we are a member of the Turtle River Watershed; be it resolved that the Village of Ste Rose requests Turtle River Watershed to develop a Flood Protection Scheme for the Village of Ste Rose as soon as possible.
  • Aug 16 1978:
    The Knights of Columbus, under the incorporated name of the ""Le Coq Club Inc."" has agreed to take the renovation of the Primary School in Ste Rose as a project. The project involves renovating of said building to supply a Meeting Room, a Senior Citizens Drop-in Centre, a Library and a Club Room for the Knights of Columbus. The architect will be contacted to set a meeting with all organizations involved on the project including the Rural Municipality of Ste Rose. A bilingual name has to be created for the building.
  • Oct 18 1978:
    The Watershed Engineers have staked the dyke, indicating areas not adequate for a 10% flood. The Council agreed to go walk on the dyke and study the situation.
  • Jan 31 1979:
    The Day Care Centre Committee is interested in purchasing the old RCMP Building for the purpose of a Day Care Centre. The building could be purchased by the Village for $31,000 for the Charlie Brown Day Care Centre. The Village would do so, if the Village received a letter from Credit Union guaranteeing the funds will be made available for the Day Care Centre to purchase property.
  • March 1 1979:
    Whereas the population of the Village of Ste Rose has increased from 792 to 1216 in 1978, which is a 53% increase.
  • Sept 26 1979:
    Whereas the Ste Rose area has over the years built up a reputation of having quality feeder cattle, whereas it is a major marketing center of feeder cattle, whereas it is the location of the 1st country auction market in Manitoba, BE IT RESOLVED that we request the Hon J. E. Downey, Minister of Agriculture to declare the Village of Ste Rose du Lac the ""Cattle Capital of Manitoba"". Be it further resolved that this declaration be made by the Hon J. E. Downey at the Kinsmen Rancher Banquet and Dance during Hoof'N Holler Days.
  • Dec 20 1979:
    The old RCMP building in Ste Rose is declared a surplus to the Federal Government. The building is offered to the Village at a fair market value. The market value has not been determined. The Village will give the Federal Government $1 for the building.
  • Jan 16 1980:
    The Village had no objection to the proposed construction of a Fertilizer Warehouse and that if water and sewer are to be extended, total costs are to be borne by the owner, as per resolution #10 September 26, 1979.
  • July 30 1980:
    Be it resolved that the Village of Ste Rose supported the Sports Facilities '80 project of the Ste Rose Arena Committee and the Ste Rose Kinsmen Club as per application forms 1980.
  • Aug 27 1980:
    Turtle River School Division #32, Council requests a copy of the survey done for the location of a school bus garage in order to establish the most economical location within the Division.
  • Sept 10 1981:
    Be it resolved that the Village of Ste Rose agrees to enter into a lease agreement with the Le Coq Club Inc. for the rental of the Maison Dollard House, and also into a sub-lease agreement with Le Coq Club Inc. as being sub-tenants of the Maison Dollard House.
  • June 2 1982:
    CN Rail: A letter was received from CN Rail informing the Village of Ste Rose that plans for removal of Ste Rose Subdivision from Ste Rose to Rorketon have now been finalized. A letter is to be sent to CN Rail asking where the dismantling of the tracks will commence. We would like to have the tracks dismantled just prior to where the drainage ditch on the north side of the Village boundary and the tracks intersect. The Village of Ste Rose have had problems with this culvert as it was placed too high. It would be beneficial to both the CN Rail and Village of Ste Rose to remove the tracks in this said area.
  • June 29 1982:
    Main Street Program: An application for Main Street Manitoba Program is to be submitted to the Department of Municipal Affairs. The claim includes park benches, sidewalk garbage stands, tree planting and trimming, grass planting, top soil and a sign totaling approximately $5,505.
  • June 16 1983:
    Official Opening: A letter was received from Mr. H. N. Dubowits, Secretary of the Manitoba Housing & Renewal Corporation extending a cordial invitation to the Council of the Village of Ste Rose to attend the official opening of ""Les Trois Villas"" in Ste Rose on Thursday, June 16, 1983, at 3:30pm.
  • May 5 1983:
    The RM and the Village of Ste Rose granted $1000 for the costs incurred by the steering committee headed by the Ste Rose Kinsmen to look into the costs of setting up a joint arena - curling rink complex utilizing a main freezing plant and common waiting area.
  • Nov 2 1983:
    Letters were received from Mr. Jay Cowan, Minister of Environmental and Workplace Safety and Health informing the Village that the Manitoba Government is developing a hazardous and special waste management program for better control of these materials. The Government has already undertaken a number of initiatives that include draft legislation entitled ""Dangerous Goods Handling Act"".Over the years the following have served on the Village of Ste Rose Council:

Mayors Term of Office:
Jos Valcourt 1920-22
Henri Michaud 1922-30
Louis Fouchard 1930-34
Dr. R. L. Gendreau 1934-44
Joseph C. Maillard 1944-45
Emile Duhard 1945-50
A. G. Arnal 1950-57
A. G. Beddome 1957-61
Antoine L. Pineau 1961-65
Joseph C. Maillard 1965-76
Gordon Bishop 1976-78
Rene L. Maillard 1978
Village of Ste Rose Councilors:
Henri Gosselin 1920-22
Louis Fouchard 1920-30
Emile Lussier 1920-24
Jos Molgat 1920-29
Leon Maillard 1921-28
Jos Allard 1922-24
A. C. deBeaumont 1924-26
Gedeon Adam 1926-28
Jos Hamelin 1928-28
J. L. Allard 1928-29
J. M. Bisette 1929-30
Jos E. Robinson 1928-30
Francois Hemery 1930-34
Jos Maillard 1938-42
Leon Lagasse 1931-39
Arthur Guyot 1929-39
Lionel Pinette 1942-50
Alfred Allard 1934-42
Yvonic Guyot 1942-44
Auguste Pineau 1939-45
Emile Duhard 1930-46
Roman Guyot 1944-47
Justin Bourbonnier 1947-48
Arthur Hopfner 1950-56
George Beddome 1952-56
Thomas Downey 1946-52
Raymond Tucker 1948-57
Didace Bourgeois 1945-57
Antoine Pineau 1957-62
Emile Lepine 1962-65
Robert Klimchuk 1957-60
Jos Desroches 1962-70
Don Masson 1970-73
Rene Delveaux 1958-73
Philias Nault 1962-64
Gordon Bishop 1965-76
Herb Henson 1974-77
John Volc 1973-77
Charles Adam 1973-80
Kevin Yaworski 1977-81
Jean A. Delaurier 1976-81
Paul P. Delaurier 1981-83
Frank Parent 1980-83
Marcel Saquet 1977-83
Yvette Leperre 1983-84
Jean Roche 1984-86
Jos Vandepoele 1983-86
Frank Lecomte 1983-86
David Thomson 1986-89
Ed Lyseyko 1986
Alain Bouchard 1986-89
Victor Stinson 1981
Frank Parent 1989
Emile Jacob 1989
Secretary - Treasurers over the years were:
Zotique Rheaume 1920-26
Armande Loire 1926-34 (Became Mrs. Jos Delveaux 1932)
Jos Delveaux 1934-72
Marcien Emond 1972-75
Rene Gagnon 1976-79
Jean Rosenkranz 1979-81
Marlene M. Bouchard April 1981

Resolutions of Interest:
Jan 6 1920
Resolution #18
Richard Brooker
J. L. Guillas
That the Council Grant the license to Peter Yee to operate a restaurant in the Village of Ste Rose, providing this person will employ no female help. (Carried).

December 24, 1927
Resolution #9
J.L. Guillas
A. Hamelin

Whereas some backbiting persons have caused to be spread among our homes population rumors which are injuring or are apt to injure to a great extent the reputation of the members of the Council of the Municipality of Ste Rose and consequently that of their families, be it resolved as follows: That this Council does hereby decide to put up the sum of $150 to be given as a reward to the person or persons who will prove satisfactorily that the said councilors wrongfully and unlawfully received or caused to be received or caused to be misappropriated municipal funds during their respective terms of office. (Carried).